Saturday, 25 January 2014

Needed a knee patch, made a knee patch

My oldest is going through his track pants like there's no tomorrow. I'm tempted to go out and buy him some new ones but I've been wanting to make cool patches for awhile. Well the opportunity arose this morning so away I went.

First I asked my eldest what his favorite 'Trash Pack' of the day was...

I then drew it out with simple shapes and colored it.

I chose a variety of fabrics to match the drawing the best I could along with some interfacing to stabilize the softer fabrics.

Here I just finished sewing on the eyes.  Loved that my machine helped me through it. Yay :) Used a no-fray product on the edges to keep everything looking neat for as long as possible.

So here he is.  Did I mention that we're Saturday morning and that my time is limited before the underlings get needy ;) lol Skipped the arms and didn't have time to do the feet, but I did manage to find time in the day to embroider the yellow 'drool'.

And there it is, my first handmade patch :)  Fun. :)  I already know what my eldest will be wearing to school Monday morning :)

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